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Pe-Ba, as a leading firm of synthetic grass sector from the day it has been founded in 1988 in Adana, until today, has realized all of its services from production to assembly, by reflecting its distinction in quality.
The distinction and reliability of Pe-Ba quality has reached to a worldwide awareness from its days of foundation until our nowadays, and Pe-Ba has deserved to take its position between largest firms of the World in synthetic grass sector.
Complete 13 units "Fifa Recommended Star-1 and Star-2" Approved fields owned by Pe-Ba are indication that our firm offers products and services in world standards.
We keep on offering solutions to both domestic and international demands in a large range from football fields to tennis courts and golf courses, from decorative synthetic grass applications to gridirons of American football, with our experienced staff.
Pe-Ba in belief of the power of technology and development, with Re-De department in its organization, from one side, while keeps on offering services in outstanding quality and by using the most advanced technology for valuable costumers, from the other side, provides contribution to development of synthetic grass sector with the mission committed as the leading organization of the sector.

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