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Premier 60

Premier 60

Usage Advantages:

- Woven from 12.100 dtex 185 micron monofilament yarn, 60mm "Premier 60" provides high performance in all weather conditions.
- The carpet surface is footballer friendly as it provides comfortable movement to the football player.
- Since the granulated system prevents slipping, it prevents athlete's injuries.
- Resistant to ultraviolet rays, resistant to cold.
- It has non-flammable feature due to its additive.
- Water permeability is at maximum level.
- Floor heating system can be applied.

Application Infrastructure:

- Laying 15 cm no. 4 crushed stone on the compacted earth ground.
- Laying 10 cm of gravel no. 1 on it.
- Leveling and compacting of the ground.
- Laying of synthetic felt.
- Laying and gluing the carpet.
- Placing the sand granule into the carpet in an amount equal to m².

Usage areas:

It is the ideal artificial grass ground for professional and amateur sports clubs. Professional and amateur sports clubs; They can easily use the synthetic turf systems developed for this purpose.


It is under warranty for (8) years, provided that it is well-maintained and follows the instructions for use. Certificate of Guarantee from TSEK, Ministry of Industry and Trade, ISO 9001